What Do Best POS Software Systems Available On The B2B Market Have In Common?

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qnaTrey plans to open his own hardware store in a small town in Pleasant View, Utah and he almost have everything in order from the place, suppliers, inventory, and stocks. Almost, as he is not that well versed when it comes to business technologies and software. Trey is more of a manual-type of guy but does not mean he eschews innovations, and cloud based tools and online applications. In fact, he wants his small business to be bolstered by web based business platforms and IT-powered sales and inventory structure. He is currently contemplating his options on POS systems and he asks, what do the best POS software systems have in common?

“It has been a long dream of mine to put up my store where I can sell tools, generators, pipes, nails, the works. My dad was a carpenter so I was pretty exposed to his profession from an early age. Now that my dream is nearly becoming a reality, I want to ensure that my enterprise’s success by using software and stuff. Someone told me that a point of sale platform can help me manage my sales and earn me huge profits in the long run. Now, I read some reviews on the best POS software to get some inkling of what my friend was talking about and I am convinced he was right. But I want to know from someone knowledgeable such as yourself, what are the stuffs that make a best POS software?”

Hello Trey! It is nice to hear that you are opening your own enterprise soon and know that I am wishing for the success of your endeavors. There are many POS systems out there that claim to be the best but only a few are capable to make good of that promise. However, I suggest that you do not settle for vendors who say they have the best POS software and only take their word for it. I suggest that you take several factors into consideration such as budget, ease of use, customer support, features, and premium options and find something that suits the needs of your business rather than go for the “best”.

I have listed several pointers on what makes the best POS software. Read on and enjoy.

Inventory Tracking and Price Alert

More than just registering your sales every time a customer, a good POS system informs you when a certain item is running low and needs to be resupplied, or a product is not selling well and has been in the inventory for a long time and needs to be disposed. A top quality POS platform informs you of recent prices of the goods you are peddling as well as the average price you paid for the same items in the past.

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So what does this mean to a business owner such as yourself? This means your POS will not only inform you of the status of your inventory, but also helps you assess each item thoroughly yet easily. This way, you know which products are doing well and which items are not attracting sales. You will also be able to see trends in your sales through inventory analysis, helping you to come up with intelligent decisions in the future.

Ease of use and functionality meet half-way

Some POS systems offer user-friendly interface but lacks advanced functions. This is best for small businesses and startups that have small requirements. However, as businesses grows, the needs become less easy and more complex and may require advanced POS functionalities. However, many POS solutions provide premium features yet takes a while before you and your employees can get use to it.

Remember, a good POS system is a fusion of both ease and functionality.

Huge potential for growth alongside your business

Some of the successful businesses swear they have been using the same POS when the started out. Most enterprises start on a tight budget and therefore end up with a basic POS setup – POS software running on a PC coupled by a drawer and receipt printer. As their business grows, they added other functions such as bar code scanner and credit card reader while using the same software.

The best POS systems are those that help you start small and grow as your business expands.


As mentioned earlier, it is always best that you go for a system that is based on the requirements and specifications of your business. This path will place you on a huge advantage than having a software that carry all these fancy features yet can’t help you maximize the potential of your enterprise.

By Nestor Gilbert

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