Sales Team Management Software: What Is It And How It Makes Your Business More Professional

qnaRicky runs an online apparel sales enterprise and wishes to upgrade his systems to improve his small business. To boost sales, he is thinking of buying a top quality sales team management software product. But he is unsure of the advantages of this software solution. Here’s his question:

“Hi, I have been reading reviews of sales team management software tools, but am uncertain as to how this product will help my web-based business. Please tell me the advantages of using this solution, and disadvantages too, if any. Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks a lot.”

Hi Ricky, a good sales team management software product can surely improve your business. We will help you out by briefly outlining what is a sales management software tool, its functions, advantages, and disadvantages. Read more to learn all this.

What is a Sales Team Management System?

This is a tool utilized in customer relationship management (CRM) marketing to automate sales team management tasks. It records the various phases of a sales procedure. An important part is the contact management tool that records the contacts made with a client, the reasons for the contacts, as well as follow-up actions. This prevents duplication of sales efforts and customer irritation.

A sales team management software solution also features a tracking system for sales leads, product knowledge, order management, and sales forecasting. Advanced systems enable customers to customize the online product according to their needs. An important part of this tool is integration between various departments. This prevents lack of knowledge and communication among different units of a company, which could result in the customer being contacted multiple times for a single purpose.

Metrics that can be Implemented

  • Time management: Measures the time required for each sales task.
  • Call management: You can plan customer interaction details to ensure profitable calls.
  • Opportunity management: Sales opportunities can be maximized by using the tool to follow the  process correctly and comply with objectives.
  • Account management: You can effectively manage multiple interactions and opportunities with customers.
  • Territory management: You can measure a sales territory, monitor customer accounts, and sort out prospective and active customers.
  • Sales team management: You can empower your sales force by ensuring that coaching, control, and IT systems are shared across all the staff and units.


The marketing head can use the product for the following purposes:

  • Identify a target sales market
  • Identify the various segments in a market
  • Identify the company’s best customers
  • Perform research to develop behavioral, psychographic, and demographic profiles of important customers
  • Understand competitors in the market and their various products
  • Develop new products
  • Establish a scanning mechanism to identify threats and opportunities
  • Understand the strengths and shortcomings of the sales department
  • Develop marketing strategies to boost the sales of products
  • Coordinate the functions of the sales unit with promotional activities like advertising and publicity.
  • Create a competitive advantage
  • Give useful feedback to adjust and improve the process
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  • Adopting the solution can be difficult initially
  • Plenty of time and effort are required for data entry
  • The automation process denudes personal touch
  • Continuous maintenance and updation of information and system can become laborious
  • The cost of buying and implementing the software tool
  • It can be difficult to integrate the product with other information systems


Ricky, we hope this article has updated you on the pros and cons of using a sales team management software product. Be sure to check out a tool’s demo and free versions before you decide to buy it.

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